Creating materials following an existing brand manual

Adding new elements to the identity

UX/UI design of desktop application

Media kits, brochures, leaflets...

R2B2 is a rapidly growing company, and therefore, new materials and content in existing data must be frequently created and updated. Whether it’s brochures, media kits, or clear guides for publishers and advertisers. Of course, all materials adhere to a uniform language in line with the brand’s visual identity.

Sophisticated presentations for conferences

R2B2 people give many lectures and conferences for the public and clients as part of business development. For these purposes, they need content and visually sophisticated presentations that explain the workings and benefits of R2B2 clearly. In our presentations, we rely on a minimum of text and a large number of photos and visualizations to better hold the audience’s attention.

Promotional materials

We are also responsible for the design of promotional materials such as pens, notepads or mugs. Keeping with the R2B2 identity, we strive to create simple and elegant designs – so that the result is not just an advertising medium but a product you like and want to use.

Desktop application user interface

Part of our work also includes maintaining the user interface of the R2B2 AYM analytics platform. This web application provides information about advertising positions and, therefore, displays a really large amount of data. This data needs to be clearly presented to the user while allowing him detailed control over what data he sees.