Branding strategy for a group of companies

Print and online materials, graphic templates

Web Design

How do you turn 6 companies into one big group?

We started our cooperation with QPAG when it was facing a significant change. Up to this point, all of its companies had operated and communicated more or less independently. The new plan was to promote the QPAG brand itself more, so we unified graphics within the group and changed the communication strategy, working in tandem with their internal marketing.

From email to brochure to car wraps

We gradually implemented the newly created graphic identity across the company at all levels. We started with the most used “touch-points,” such as business cards, brochures, and websites, but other print materials, such as car wraps, rollups, etc.

This whole process takes time, of course, so it was essential to have a clear idea from the beginning of what we wanted to achieve – and we are doing that in gradual steps.

Graphics in a uniform style across companies

As part of the refresh, we kept all the logos, fonts, and colors and focused mainly on “cleaning up” the graphics and overall modernization of the visuals. The fundamental element is the “Q” from the QPAG logo, which, with its circular shape, expresses the connection of all companies within the group. A complementary element is the blue-orange double stripe, which allows for subtle bordering of materials in which a distinctive Q would not look too good.

Templates for easier management of graphics within the team

One requirement that emerged from our consultations with the client was that team members be able to create and edit graphic materials independently. That’s why we have created several Canva templates for banners and flyers that employees can use. Larger projects that don’t change often (like the brochure) are still created in Manve to ensure 100% professional work.

Website and webmaster training

We have also created a new website for QPAG based on WordPress. These pages and other company websites are still managed by an in-house webmaster, whom we have trained in detail to work with the template so that the site’s look remains exactly as we designed it.