Logo & Brand Identity

Business card and web design

Name and trademark


Once the brand name was approved, we set about designing the logo. During the creation process, we created several variants, all of which worked with a more or less abstract representation of a horse or centaur, as requested by the client. In the end, we chose the wing variant in green emerald.


We have chosen a sans serif font Latino Gothic Variable for the texts. This variable font allows you to change the width and thickness of the font in any way, and thus, it works well in a variety of situations and uses cases. The same style will be used on the business card, in the online environment, and in the building navigation system.

Colors and graphic elements

The fundamental graphic element became a curved shape derived from the EQUS logo. The use of its cut-out creates a shape meant to evoke a road, an element closely related to logistics halls. Using the same element repeatedly, we created a pattern that looks like a tiled roof.

Graphic manual

We materialized all these principles into a comprehensive graphic manual. In addition to the logo and graphic elements, it also contains rules on how to work with them and, conversely, examples of prohibited uses. To show a real example, we have also created a design for the business cards and the website’s homepage.