Professional product videos

Press and social media materials

Name and logo of the new product

New branding and refresh of graphics

At the beginning of our collaboration, we took existing graphics and materials, unified them, and dressed them up with a more modern look to match the client’s expectations.

At the same time, we needed to create a name and logo for the new product that 24 VISION developed. After several variants, the name ANNIE emerged victorious after many user tests and trademark verification. To maintain continuity with the leading brand, we chose a crescent moon-shaped part of the 24 VISION logo. The same logo can then be used for other products in the future.

Product videos

Our primary focus in cooperating with 24 VISION is creating product videos that show and clearly explain the operation of their complex automated quality control system. We often shoot the videos directly in production and supplement the footage with animated subtitles and graphics to make them easy for the viewer to understand.

Graphics for Social Media

For social media communication, we have made simple templates for texts and photos that help us “brand” 24 VISION posts and clearly distinguish them from others.

Product sheets

To support the sales team in communication with potential clients, we have also developed several product sheets for 24 VISION that focus on different options for inspecting defects in individual parts in the automotive industry.